Lori Chavez-DeRemer

A True Far Right Republican

Lori Chavez-DeRemer - Where She Stands on What's Important

Chavez-DeRemer would be a rubber stamp for the extremist Republican Party and their dangerous MAGA agenda

Right to Choose

  • * Lori Chavez-DeRemer supports an extreme, near-total ban on abortion despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans support women’s rights to abortion.
  • * Lori supports prohibiting abortions nationwide.
  • * Lori says "I will always be on the side of life in Congress" (well, only on the side of un-born life; once born, then guns are more important than any childs life)
  • * You THINK you have a right to contraception? I expect Lori to say NO! to that. That's a form of abortion.


  • * Lori indicated she would vote AGAINST HR 7910 which makes it so semiautomatic weapons can’t be sold to people under 21, it creates a framework for regulating guns without serial numbers, commonly called ghost guns; bans the sale and possession of large capacity magazines; and more.
  • * Lori indicated she would vote AGAINST HR 2377 , what some people call a red flag law. It allows family members or law enforcement to petition a court for a temporary order to prohibit someone from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Oregon has a similar law, already.
  • * Lori says the Second Amendment is our safeguard against tyranny in the United States. Tyranny from whom; against whom? Oh, she must mean our democratically elected government.
  • * Lori says you need an AR-15 to defend yourself; or was it so you can overthrow your democratically elected government? See Above.
  • * Remember: An AR-15 is more important than any living life. See Right to Choose above.

Critical Race Theory

  • * Conservatives are using CRT as a catchall for any examination of racism. They want to paint rosy a picture of America, where all racism is in the past.
  • * Critical race theory(CRT) is a scholarly examination of laws, politics, social customs and the media to see how they are affected and affect our conception of race and ethnicity.
  • * "Critical" is used in the academic sense, referring to critical thinking and scholarly criticism and NOT to criticize or blaming of others.
  • * Conservative lawmakers have and are attempting to ban or restrict the teaching of CRT on the ground it teaches racism; with the goal of silencing all discussions of racism, the history of racism, and social justice.
  • * Conservatives point to "Merit Standards" as a fair and equal way to treat everyone. CRT shows that merit standards are not race neutral and are used to keep whites with a disproportionate share of social benefits.
  • * Examples of laws not working are segregation laws in the South. When schools were required to accept all students(blacks), whites moved their children to private, all white schools. The now all black schools were then denied proper funding and their students received a lessor education. These students then 'failed' to qualify for college, jobs, etc. based on their 'merit'. So now conservatives have prevented blacks from getting ahead, not just now, but for their children and their children.

Trade - America First

  • * Today, what unites “America first” populists is a rejection of the idea that the country’s self-interest is inextricably bound to the prosperity and liberty of the broader world. Lori says US can make it on it's own and doesn't care about the rest of the world. Good luck with that.
  • * America First is a vision that rejects the give-and-take of take of international agreements, the generosity of foreign aid and the conviction that what is good for our friends is good for America. It replaces these ideas with a narrow understanding of self-interest, one that risks exchanging long-run benefits for short-term satisfaction.
  • * The overwhelming majority of economists agree that prosperity requires countries to specialize in what they are good at producing, rather than trying to make and consume everything domestically. And the only way that specialization can work is if countries trade with one another and also allow a degree of capital and even labor mobility.
  • * The strategic fallout from America’s rejection of TPP is likely to be significant. It sends a signal to countries in the region that the U.S. is unwilling to act as a buffer against the economic power of a rising China, quite an ironic message from a president so enamored with anti-Beijing rhetorick. It also needlessly sacrifices a potentially useful bargaining chip in future negotiations with China.

Safe Communities

  • * Chavez-DeRemer opposes minimum wage increases to help hardworking Oregonians keep up with the cost of living.


  • * Chavez-DeRemer backed Trump’s disastrous tax law that gave massive hand-outs to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the middle class, saying “it’s going to be great for some of us.”

Health Care

  • * Chavez-DeRemer said she won't stand for “government-funded healthcare” such as the Affordable Care Act , and even criticized Medicaid expansion in Oregon
  • * Lori is working hard to destroy the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)
  • * Expect Lori to champion the end of Social Security (a Republican goal)
  • * Expect Lori to champion the end of Medicare
  • * Expect Lori to champion the end of Medicaid


Climate Change

  • * Lori says God is the only one that can change the Earth's climate. Humans shouldn't try to fight God. The world is doomed for human life. So be it.

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